Faviconico.org: Easily Create Custom Favicons

Faviconico.org is an online paint application that allows you to easily create a custom favicon for your site. Favicons are the tiny images that show up in your browser’s address bar or tab bar.

Faviconico.org can either convert an image into a bitmap pixel layout which you can then refine, or the site allows you to create a design from scratch using a simple color picker and pixel-by-pixel paint tool.

Once you have something you like, just save the file and upload it to your site. You can also save the image to Faviconico.org and license it under a Creative Commons option for others to build on.

There are a number of sites out there that allow you to upload and optimize images as favicons and there’s even a free Photoshop/Illustrator plug-in that will export files as favicons. However, given the extremely small size of favicons, 64×64 pixels, Photoshop might seem like overkill.

Faviconico.org is small tool, but it does what it does well and in a few simple steps just about anyone should be able to create a decent looking favicon image.

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